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Calcimax is a modern scientific formulation of calcium with magnesium, zinc, and Vitamin D3. Calcium plays a crucial role in skeletal growth and maintenance of muscle and nerve function. Calcium deficiency in childhood affects the development of teeth and bones. In adults, it results in weakening of the bones, frequent fractures, and joint pains. Bones reach their peak mass at about 35years of age and decline thereafter with thinning and weakening of the skeleton. The bone loss sets in with the advancing age but is particularly accelerated in women after menopause.

There is an increased need for calcium during adolescent growth and il old age. It is particularly vital for pregnant and lactating ladies and women around menopause. Calcium and Magnesium balance is most important for the effective utilization of calcium and in preventing the formation of calcium oxalate stones. The deficiency of calcium and magnesium can adversely affect the heart and blood pressure . Vitamin D3 & zinc are essential for optimum absorption and normal metabolism of calcium in the body.

Calcimax is formulated to suit all ages. Each calcimax tablet provides all the calcium available in one large glass of milk.

Each uncoated tablet contains :
Calcium Carbonate I.P.
eqvt. to elemental Calcium 300 mg
Magnesium Hydroxide I.P.
eqvt. to elemental Magnesium 100 mg
Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate U.S.P.
eqvt. to elemental Zinc 4 mg
Vitamin D3 I.P. 200 I.U.
Excipients q.s.


one tablet 2 to 3 times a day preferably before meals or as prescribed by the physician. Tablet for oral administration.




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