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Easy steps to get clean brushes

If you’re one of those people that never wash their make up brushes then it’s time to level up, why ? because make up brushes can cause break out, congestion  and skin irritation. Yes we know it takes time to dry but in the long run it’s the best for you. Layers of oil mixed with  makeup and dead skin cells is a recipe for disaster as you’re creating a breading ground for bacteria. Let’s not even talk about sharing unclean  brushes, this is the ultimate virus spreader can lead to  conjunctivitis and  others.When brushes are properly taken care of they should last while even years before you need to buy new ones 

Do some makeup brushes need more cleaning?

Because bacteria prefers a wet environment to dry so brushes like the ones used for foundation may accumulate more micro-organisms. It is recommended to wash brushes used to apply liquid daily  and brushes for dry items one to two times  a week and store in a cool dry place  avoid warm damp area s like bathrooms .

Can you use a washing machine for your brushes 

Unfortunately no, the heat will damage the brushes by breaking down the glue so it’s best to stick to the manual method 

What can I use to wash my make up brush 


Make up brush cleansers : tThis products are the best as they are specifically made for cleaning make up brushes 

Textured cleansing mats : They make it a lot easier to get rid of all that grime in the 

Now that we know the importance of clean brushes let’s get into the steps

  • Wash
  • Swirl
  • Repeat
  • Dry 

Let’s break it down 


Wet the brittles under water, avoid getting tooo much on the handle as this will loosen the glue and make it cause the bristles to eventually start shedding


Gently massage in soap swirl in circular motions across your palm , you can use a cleansing mat in this step, make sure the entire brush is well incorporated in soap 


Repeat step one and two until the water runs clean, Gentle squeeze the bristles to remove excess water ,place on a flat towel to dry overnight

When should I replace my brushes?

When the bristles start to shed and won’t align after washing and drying it’s time to get new ones!

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